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Custom Poly

Twine, Custom Poly Stretch Film, Custom Crates, Pallets Pre-Cuts Twine  Stretch Film, Tape, Pallet Covers, Bin Liners, Sheeting Pallets, Crates  custom poly, stretch film, stretch tape, crates pallets, southern california, nevada, Arizona

LDPE (Low Density Polyethelyne)

This is the most Widely used of all polyethylene due to High Puncture Resistance and high Elasticity.  It is Weather Proof and demonstrates good chemical resistance.  Clarity is Translucent to Opaque in nature.  EX: Kitchen liners 

HDPE (High Density Polyethelyne)

This form of poly demonstrates excellent tensile strength (maximum stress before failure) yet offers lower elasticity.  Also weather proof with good chemical resistance and is translucent but never clear.  EX: Grocery bags - thin yet able to withstand increased load.

LLDPE (Linear Low Density Polyethelyne)

The Characteristics and traits are the same as LDPE with far greater Impact Strength, and Elasticity.  Varieties using Metallocene (mPE) resins offer superior clarity and the ability to down-gauge thus offering additional warehouse space and capital savings.

Made To Spec

Custom Sizes

Various Colors

UV Protection

Anti-Static Additives

FDA Specification

Performance Slip Agents

High Clarity for Resale Packaging


Common Uses

Box liners

Drum Liners

Can Liners (Trash Bags)
Pallet Covers

Bin Liners

ULD Covers

Visqueen Sheeting

Painters Plastic Sheeting

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